Stress and Burnout Prevention

Health and satisfaction begins with YOU / YOU.

This is exactly where the "ENJOY PROCESS" begins.


Whether you feel stress because you don't want to make mistakes or because you feel overwhelmed. 

Whether you feel like you are judging others and being judged yourself - prevention starts with the big picture, the causes of your feeling like you want to do something differently.  


Once we understand your goals and questions, we begin a program tailored for you - it includes an analysis of exactly what your individual needs are, classic mindfulness exercises, and most importantly, new routines for how to make your life healthier and more appropriate.  


Stress and burnout prevention MUST be tailored to your needs - let's get started.

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Stress and burnout - you know these words, right? Are you ignoring their presence in your life? Why? Perhaps because it is because you haven’t yet found an effective way to approach your challenges. Stress can become an uncontrollable risk in your life, and despite all the different techniques and methods to battle it, the number of people suffering from mental disorders stemming from stress is growing rapidly. The true solution comes from the inside. Introducing ENJOY - a method of seizing your inner strengths to overcome life’s difficulties.

enjoy -

a new approach to stress and burnout prevention

ENJOY is a process that teaches Stress and Burnout Prevention in a new way. The ENJOY Process includes human uniqueness, and celebrates the gifts each one was given on our very first day on this planet. Learn how you can benefit from the ENJOY Process and initiate a new company culture for a healthy and growing environment. 

Nicole has put together a simple life changing process, ENJOY. A process that helps identify and embrace individual talent to create more productive teams. A must read.

Chris Cummings, Business Leader

ENJOY inspires to re frame the meaning of stress and offers a clear guideline how to include individual talent to prevent stress and move forward in your journey.

Dan Leask, Career Coach

The ENJOY process is the anecdote for stress and burnout. You will not want to put this book down. Discover who you really are, find the courage to BE it and watch your world magically open up.

Mary Ann Rivers, Business and Leadership Consultant and Coach

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