ENJOY is a process that teaches Stress and Burnout Prevention in a new way. The ENJOY Process includes human uniqueness, and celebrates the gifts each one was given on our very first day on this planet. Learn how you can benefit from the ENJOY Process and initiate a new company culture, for a healthy and growing environment. 



With Nicole Seichter

The guest of this episode is Nicole Seichter. She specializes in helping people manage and eliminate Stress and Burnout in both, work and personal lives. She loves to explore options to grow and develop corporate teams in positive and productive ways.

Called to Coach

With Nicole Seichter - LIVE

The guest for this episode of Called to Coach is Nicole Seichter. 
Born in Germany, MD in Economics, after almost 10 years in corp. business she became a coach in 2008. Nicole was just disappointed with how people interacted with each other. She wanted them to understand how beautiful they are and how to become more their true self. Nicole wanted to help people understand their uniqueness. 

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  • Human uniqueness and stress prevention 

  • Creating a new company culture

  • ENJOY within your organization

  • Strengths-based stress and burnout prevention

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